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Help To Create New Master Sherlock Holmes Cartoon!

 Help To Create New Master Sherlock Holmes Cartoon!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We address you with the quiery to assist us with creating a new Sherlock Holmes cartoon.

The Russian animator Alexander Bubnov, author of the witty cartoon ‘Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson. The Murder of Lord Waterbrook’ (2005), has called upon numerous Holmes lovers and scholars to help him make the sequel of his cartoon.

Don’t hasten to take a pencil and a paper – the animator himself shall draw the cartoon (with other professional artists). Don’t rack your brains over the plot – the scenario is already (you may read the fragment here, in Russian). 

Alexander Bubnov himself is ready to fetch paper, make up funny gags, brew tea in the breaks, and cast professional actors for the dubbing. There remains only a trifle of about US$ 70.000. Mere enthusiasm and fortune favour the bold, but we do not possess THE fortune to pay for labour, materials and other production costs.

Although Alexander Bubnov’s first Sherlock Holmes cartoon has been a great success with the public and won a lot of prizes at animation festivals, Russian producers are keeping aside, and the Russian Federal Agency of Cinematography does not reply to Mr. Bubnov’s inquiries.

Therefore Alexander Bubnov is calling upon Sherlock Holmes fans and the animation lovers to sponsor his project, if possible. At present, the money cannot be transferred to the animator’s bank account, but now you can consent in repling to Alexander Bubnov on his personal Live Journal site
( here ) “There is no sense in beginning the project, provided that at least 500 fans consent, - Alexander says, – to subscribe with only about US$ 100 each”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, after having seen Alexander Bubnov’ cartoon premiere you will be sure to long for the sequel, where Mr. Bubnov envisages to reveal the secret of the Man Who Came Through the Chimney.

Here is the link to nimator Alexander Bubnov's post (in Russian)

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
SEE Part 1-
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Do you want to see the SEQUEL of it? ;)

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