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"MR. HOLMES" (2015) Photo Gallery [11 Aug 2015|07:54pm]


"MR. HOLMES" (2015) Photo Gallery

Here is a GALLERY featuring images from "MR. HOLMES", the 2015 adaptation of Mitch Cullin's 2005 novel, "A Slight Trick of the Mind". Directed by Bill Condon, the movie stars Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes.
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Russian Sh. Holmes and J. Watson in the ladies' hats [18 Mar 2015|12:36am]

Finally, they have loaded this film with English subtitles!

My Dearly Beloved Detective (1986) - a comedy about the adventures of Shirley Holmes and Jane Watson against Inspector Lester and his evil plans of shaming the two women for outsmarting Scotland Yard.
a link -

I have translated a short article from a Soviet paper "Izvestia" published on the eve of the TV premiere March 5, 1987.

Holmes and Watson in the ladies' hats

Author: V. Treskov / newspaper "Izvestia", March 5, 1987

On Sunday, March 8, new TV movie "My Dearly Beloved Detective" to air at the 1st channel of the Central Television.

It is no coincidence that the day of the premiere coincides with International Women's Day. This film is also about women. They have a lot of advantages, but there is one more thing: any detective deduction and induction pale before the women's intuition. So, the women are the innate detectives.

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Russian (Livanov) Sherlock Holmes fan-video [25 Dec 2014|03:30am]

True Detective style

Merry Christmas
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Igor Petrenko about his role of Sherlock Holmes - an interview [19 Nov 2014|04:11am]


Igor Petrenko: A Battle with a Stereotype (6th November, 2014)

MK.ru (an original Russian version) - http://crimea.mk.ru/articles/2014/11/06/igor-petrenko-osvoenie-kryma-nachal-s-sinikh-gub-i-rvoty-potom-priekhal-v-poiskakh-karmen.html
Translated by http://spiritcc.tumblr.com/

Q:   Sherlock for you is not just an on screen appearance...
Igor:   Of course...I got lucky that Sherlock Holmes got into my acting way. Andrey Kavun made an unusual story. And I know that many didn't accept that portrayal of the detective the first time, because it didn't fit any of the stereotypes. How can it be - Sherlock Holmes can't fight, picks his nose, chews loudly while eating, is a drug addict, nervous and unstable...But it's important for me that I was in the character, I finally managed to work on it myself, think of the plasticity, walk, manners, laugh... It's a true actor's happiness! I understand that 162 shooting days in that piquant character were some serious learning, and it gave me a lot, thanks to partners such as Andrey Panin, Mikhail Boarsky, Svetlana Kryuchkova - I can go on for a while. And I must say thank you to the director - Andrey Kavun gave me a freedom of search, gave me a possibility of rehearsing and failing, searching and finding. He wasn't afraid of this rare in our days searching period, and as a result we got a truly actor's movie, that is hard to find nowadays. It simply doesn't exist anymore - in general, movies are mostly for producers - quickly learn the text and quickly scatter along the shooting place
Q:   Were you afraid of inevitable comparison with the great Vasily Livanov's interpretation from the very start?
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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (Russian version)1 ] Do not repost without permissi [13 Nov 2014|05:51pm]

1 ] Do not repost without permission.
2 ] Do not claim as your own, I recognise my own screencaps.
3 ] Credit sns_red_curtain so others can find the screencaps
4 ] Leave a comment pretty please
5 ] Please comment for password


screncaps HERE @ sns_red_curtain
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In Sherlock Holmes’ steps: Saint Petersburg’s Tweed Run (Sept. 2014) [11 Nov 2014|10:02pm]

Perhaps, someone missed...
Cycling is gaining momentum in Russia and practically not a single weekend goes by without a bike run. There bike races can be for charity, theme-based, or costumed.

more photos there
link -
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Rec's for Paranormal Holmes & Watson Tales? [02 Aug 2014|04:54pm]


Any recommendations for a good contemporary Holmes and Watson book or series of short stories that have a horror or paranormal aspect to them?

Interested in both formally published works ("physical" or e-book), or in well written fan fic.

I've pretty much finished everything I have on hand in this genre, and am hoping to find some interesting new reads.

Thank you!
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Prompt # 3.: "Learning is Brilliant as Glitter." [04 Jul 2014|06:52am]

Title: “Learning is Brilliant as Glitter.”
Author: ariadnechan
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (BBC)
Characters: Dr. John H. Watson/Sherlock S. Holmes.
Warnings: Bamf John, Bamf Sherlock.
Word Count: 1065
Summary: John learnt a lot of things from his fellow officers and men in his deployments. You never know when something would become in handy.
Author's Notes: July 3, 2014 prompt for Watson_ woes

This way to my LJ
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A Quick Fix! [24 Mar 2014|09:31pm]

To qualify in Remix Redux XI with Elementary, I whipped up two quick-fics over the weekend.

Fandom: Elementary

Title: When You Can't See.
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Tommy Gregson
Pairing: Holmes/Gregson
Rating: PG
Word Count: 654
Summary: Light is shed on the confrontation between Gregson and Holmes in the bar.

Title: The Business of Being Friends
Characters: Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock Holmes
Pairings (implied): Mycroft Holmes/Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes/Tommy Gregson
Rating: PG
Word Count: 620
Summary: The Marchioness has gone, leaving Mycroft and Sherlock to share a few affectionate observations.
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You may see 4 episode of new Russian Sherlock Holmes series (2013) titled The mistress of lord Maulbrey, starring Igor Petrenko as Sherlock Holmes and Andrey Panin as Dr. Watson. English subtitles!


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'Sherlock Holmes' series (starring Igor Petrenko as Sh. H. and Andrey Panin as Dr. W.) directed by Andrey Kavun in 2013.

Episode 3. The Clowns

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New Russian Sherlock Holmes series (2013) - 2 episode with Eng subs! [25 Jan 2014|07:23pm]

'Sherlock Holmes' series (starring Igor Petrenko as Sh. H. and Andrey Panin as Dr. W.) directed by Andrey Kavun in 2013.

Episode 2 - "Rock, Paper, Scissors":

with English subtitles
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New Russian Sherlock Holmes series (2013) - 1 episode with Eng subs! [15 Jan 2014|10:21am]

You may see new Russian Sherlock Holmes series (starring Igor Petrenko as Sh. H. and Andrey Panin as Dr. W.) directed by Andrey Kavun in 2013
The enthusiasts have done the English subtitles (!!!) to them - now only to 1st film of the series until -


Interesting, what do you say after watching the first episode named "221b Baker Street"? What are your impressions?

1. Igor Petrenko as Sherlock Holmes
2. Andrey Panin as Doctor Watson
3. a detective plot
4. drama
5. idea of the film
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Fic: An Affinity for Bees [14 Dec 2013|09:32pm]

Title: An Affinity for Bees
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Word Count: 5,190
Rating: NC-17 (mild)
Warnings: major character death, minor character death mentioned
Spoilers: None
Summary: "The Man No One Liked" universe. The year is 1950, Sherlock and John have retired to Surrey where Sherlock keeps bees, but all stories end, and all hearts are broken.
Author's Note: At last, the long promised, long feared "final" chapter in the TMNOL universe. It was hard to write. I hope it isn't a disappointment. Thoughtfully betated by lawless523, but then abused again by me. All mistakes mine.

(On AO3)
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221b Baker Street rooms in new Russian Sh.H. series directed by Andrei Kavun [13 Nov 2013|02:29am]

Оригинал взят у sasha_siniy в Квартира на Бейкер Стрит из нового Холмса
Для нового отечественного фильма о Шерлоке Холмсе, который стартует через неделю, в съемочном павильоне был построен целый дом, в котором обитают Холмс, Ватсон и миссис Хадсон. Художники-декораторы постарались на славу. Очень серьезно отнеслись к деталям и наполнили пространство множеством мелочей. Особенно они потрудились над комнатой Холмса.
Сегодня я хочу поделиться с вами фотографиями интерьеров дома Шерлока Холмса

Here is the interior of 221b Baker Street rooms that was constructed inside the film studio for new Russian Sherlock Holmes series (starring Igor Petrenko and Andrei Panin; directed by Andrei Kavun). TV series should be started at November 18. As you may see, the designers worked on the Holmes apartments very careful.

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Shirley Holmes fanfilm [03 Nov 2013|01:48am]

Ladies and gentlemen!
I'd like to share a short fanfilm based on stories of Sherlock Holmes.

What if the most famous detective was a woman? What if her companion was a sister of mercy in Afghan war? What if the most dangerous criminal in London was the first female professor in British hystory?
We have a new point of view on these well-known characters.

Thanks for watching!
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Film director Igor Maslennikov about Lenfilm Sherlock Holmes series - article by 1981 [27 Oct 2013|01:27am]

Оригинал взят у alek_morse в Film director Igor Maslennikov about Lenfilm Sherlock Holmes series - article by 1981
I offer still interesting Sherlockian artefact. It's the article written and published by director Igor Maslennikov in a magazine "Avrora" in 1981, just after TV premiere "The Hound of the Baskervilles" (3d film of Lenfilm studio Sh. H. saga). You will read curious facts and know about the ways of the film crew to the shooting, casting etc. In fact, it was the first detailed article by Maslennikov about his the Sherlock Holmes film. But, sic! - this article was published yet before the next films: "The Treasures of Agra" (1983) and "XX Century begins..." (1986).
- translated by me -
welcome the correction :)

Sherlock Holmes, Vasily Livanov and others
author: Igor Maslennikov, film director / article published in a magazine “Avrora”, № 7, 1981 (USSR)
A cut version of article /  translated by alek-morse (Alexander Sedov).

"... Comrade Director, what do you think about the detectives?" – a viewer asked.

Russia has never lagged behind the universal enthusiasm with this literary character... In a few weeks after the publication in London, Sherlock Holmes stories appeared on the Russian bookstores shelves be translated, and our young great-grandparents bought for a penny these thin little books, where Holmes was still called Ghol’mz (Гольмз).

There were staged theatrical performances. One of the first was the performance in St. Petersburg’s Suvorinsky Theatre (now the
Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre). In Soviet times, Arthur Conan Doyle's stories about Sherlock Holmes were repeatedly republished, re-translated by the qualified translators: Golmz became Kholmes (Холмс), Vhatson (Ватсон) - Uotson (Уотсон). Although "доктор Ватсон" (Doktorr Vhatson), for my taste, is much more successful for a Russian ear and pronunciation. From time to time in USSR there are produced radio and TV plays about the great detective...

But we have not the movie about Sherlock Holmes.

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New Russian Sherlock Holmes series... Animated! [07 Oct 2013|06:02am]

Alexander Bubnoff, a Russian-Ukrainian animator, did new Sherlock Holmes cartoon film. It's called "Sherlock Holmes and The Black Men" - all 6 episodes, every part is about 6 minutes. Bubnoff himself has loaded some parts in internet for an audience. But he would like to hope that the distributors to strike a deal with him. Now only first episode has English subtitles (not ideal, though), here:

Alexander Bubnoff's Live Journal:
produced by Buben studio, 2012

Personally, I found the animation is excellent - funny, witty, unexpected! I highly recommend it! Many gags, hidden quotes etc.
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Sherlock Holmes Review Show [21 Jun 2013|08:59am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello all! My name is Glance (or Lauren, doesn't matter). I haven't been too active on this site lately, but I couldn't think of anywhere else to get the word out about this. I'm starting a new web show where I analyze different Sherlock Holmes adaptations (film, TV shows, video games, spin-off books, etc.). I'd like to run it by my fellow Holmes fans and see what you guys think. Does this look interesting, or would no one care?

Here's my trailer.

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[06 Jun 2013|01:42pm]

-Sherlock BBC
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